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A combination of Lavender, Frankincense, Helichrysum and Vetiver is an extraordinary combination of essential oils to achieve the state of harmony in the stressful situation. Its unique combination makes it effective and quick refreshing.

- Aroma of Lavender promotes faith and love in heart even in toughest times. 

- Frankincense is a very sacred oil helps us to connect with our inner self. It helps us link past with the future, allowing us to take right action and choose our course more wisely.

- Helichrysum Fragrance helps us clear emotional blockages related to our past and present by breaking our repetitive behavioural pattern and help us release from the trauma. It helps us discover and remove them.

- Vetiver or Ruh oil is famous for its antiseptic and grounding qualities. Its aroma helps us giving far reaching vision and guides us and brings stability in life.

Usage : - Put 4-5 drops of Harmony blend in your palms, Rub your palms nicely till some heat is produced and bring it close to your nose, inhale 3-5 deep breaths.

Disclaimer : - Please have a patch test done before using any product. If you’re allergic to natural products or fragrances please avoid using it.