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Love On

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A unique combination of Palma rosa, Ylang Ylang, Clarysage, Orange, Nutmeg and Jasmine helps in releasing stress, refresh mood, enliven your confidence, brings joy and happiness.

- Palmarosa is an immunostimulant and helps in reducing stress level and restlessness. It smells like rose. 

- Ylang Ylang is the most powerful essential oil known for its aphrodisiac quality because it influences energy and enhances relationship.

- Clarysage is a calming and sedative oils works well on female reproductive system. Helps release stress, depression and anxiety. 

- Orange oil is a sedative oil excellent in any condition. It helps to create a healthy communication before play. 

- Nutmeg is a warm oil helps to balance our emotions. It has sweet and spicy aroma. It helps to relax mood and supports adrenal gland’s giving increased vitality. Helps to regain the lost passion for life.

- Jasmine is a sweet floral and sensual oil. Helps in connecting the souls. 

Usage : - Put 5-6 drops of Love on blend in electric diffuser along with some water and diffuse it to create that romantic aura. Make sure you are in the room so the aroma of this beautiful Love On oil can create that magic which you are waiting for.

Benefits : -

- A provocative aphrodisiac blend to enhance sensual energy so you can enjoy what nature has given you. Go for it! Have a little fun.

- Provides an emotional foundation for sensual confidence to thrive.

- Nutmeg Acts as a stimulant - It helps to relax mood and supports adrenal gland’s giving increased vitality. 

- Ylang Ylang Oil ~ powerful aphrodisiac & influences energy.

- Jasmine Oil almost forcefully compels you into increased arousal.

- Mild & warm fragrance.

Disclaimer : -

• If you’re allergic to natural products or fragrances please avoid using it.

• Keep Pregnant women & childrens below 6 years away from it. 

• Do not apply this directly on your skin.  

• Keep away from Pets.